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Local News

Glen Raven Is Booming!

It looks like Glen Raven is booming. According to a story in the Mebane Enterprise, the mega company with headquarters here in Alamance County, has just announced eight executives have just been promoted to new positions. Everyone of them focused on growing their business. They say they are especially focused on GlenGuard. That is the fire resistant fabric Glen Raven developed several years ago, that is catching on in making a lot of products.

New Charter School?

Parents might have another charter school to consider for the fall. We told you about Alamance Community School, planning to build out near Trollinger Rd. Now they are asking permission to use the old Crosslink Community Church in Mebane for a temporary  facility, so they will have enough space for the forced physical distancing requirements.

Elon Students Call For Shut Down

A group of students at Elon University is calling for the school to shut down the campus for the fall semester. They say opening any classes will show the school is more interested in making money than educating students. It’s not clear yet if school administrators will fall for it though. 

Potential New UPS Facility

A lot of folks watching, as the towns of Graham and Mebane put together an incentives package, intended to bring that UPS facility to Alamance County. Plans call for it to be built in Hawfields, in the development that already has a WalMart warehouse and a Lidl center. The UPS facility would dwarf both of those. 

WalMart says it is hiring around 450 people, with an average salary of 35 thousand a year. Lidl says it will be hiring 200 people at around 80 thousand a year. UPS says it would be looking for 400 employees at an average salary of around 60 thousand. Mebane and Graham are expected to make their incentives offer sometime this week or next week.

Outskirts of Isaias

Duke Energy reported more than a hundred power outages in Alamance County from the storm. One group was in the MacIntosh neighborhood and a much larger outage in Haw River. Another near Swepsonville and another outside Pleasant Grove They say everyone should be back online by 10 o’clock this morning.


Otherwise, Alamance County came out pretty good. Down along the coast there is massive destruction. 

Drive Thru Taxes?

Alamance County residents might be able to pay taxes in a drive through later this year. According to a story in this week’s Alamance News, that is one of the options the county is looking at. We are getting some money from Congress to handle some of the issues caused by the government’s response to the pandemic. The money is supposed to be used for things that would not ordinarily have to be dealt with. Alamance County officials say this fits that description. Folks will not be able to line up to pay their property taxes this year, so a drive through payment set up might be one solution.

Cops Are NOT On The Way (Scam Call)

Another scam for you this morning. Burlington police say someone is calling people, telling them the cops are on the way to arrest them. They say it is a courtesy call, to make sure the target of the scam is the person they are looking for. So they tell them they need their social security number to run a check. Burlington Police say they will never call you to let you know they are coming to arrest you.

Too Hot To Keep Pets In Car

Burlington Animal Services say they had 3 animals die in hot cars in the last 2 weeks, as we saw so many days with the heat index well into the hundreds. Alamance County officials say in spite of all the publicity that has been getting out there over the years, some dog owners still leave their animals in a locked car while they go inside a store to shop. Or even leaving them in the back yard without shade or water. One of the victims last week was a dog left in the car at WalMart while the owner went inside to buy a tv. Another was in the backyard when he died. At that time, the dog’s owner says she was in the process of putting up a tarp to provide him shade. But it was too late. You can be cited for animal cruelty if such cases.

Monument Is Still Standing

A federal judge has ruled the town of Graham can continue to take steps to prevent folks from tearing down the confederate monument. The NAACP and the ACLU had argued the city could not declare a state of emergency or a curfew, simply because of the opinions or intentions of the protesters. They argued the city would have to wait until the protesters actually put a ladder up to the monument. A judge Friday denied the request for a temporary restraining order against the city. The city also argued that the NAACP and ACLU were trying to make the city look bad by asking the judge to demand the city sit down with them to work out their differences. This after the groups had already refused the offer by the city to sit down and talk about it. 


The city has set up areas for protesters around the courthouse square, but that does not include the land the monument is actually on.

Tropical Storm Isaias

Tropical Storm E-sah-e-ahs is still headed toward North Carolina, but the latest numbers show it has slowed down and weakened. 


For us here in Alamance County, that means any effects will be slower in getting here. Most of the computer models show the rain and windy conditions will start this afternoon, rather than earlier today. We are still expected to get between 1 and 4 inches of rain, and we are still under a Flood Watch from this afternoon until Tuesday.

Board Of Election Scam Calls

More scam calls to warn you about this morning. Some folks are calling saying they are from the board of elections, or one of the political parties, and saying they can get you registered to vote. All they need is your social security number. Obviously, the best thing to do is simply hang up. Do not worry about being polite.

Donate Plasma For Free Covid-19 Test

LabCorp says it is working with local public health officials, to offer a free Covid 19 test. Well, not totally free. You have to be willing to donate plasma. The Burlington based LabCorp says they need plasma that contains covid antibodies, and if you are willing to go to your doctor and give a sample of blood, they will test you. Then they will check your blood for antibodies as part of the research into finding a vaccine.

Human Trafficking Conference

A press conference this morning in Graham. Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson says he’s got some numbers to share at 9am today. As you probably know, Alamance County has a problem with human trafficking and prostitution, primarily as a result of Mexican cartel’s setting up here. Spokesmen for the Sheriff say they have the latest numbers from the latest undercover operation. They say the Sheriff will also talk about a grant from the Department of Justice, to help the continuing fight against human trafficking and prostitution here in Alamance County.  

By the way, this latest operation caught 21 suspects. Out of those, only 4 are from Alamance County. And as for that grant from the Justice Department,  the money includes 375 thousand dollars to fund 3 new positions in the Sheriff’s Office. They will be dedicated to fighting human trafficking, and internet crimes against children. Right now, those duties are shared by officers in the special victims unit and in the criminal investigations Division. And that is when they are not handling other duties. So this means at least 3 folks will be doing nothing but working on human trafficking and on internet crimes involving children. 

Do Not Open Mystery Seeds

Those mystery seeds keep showing up, and authorities keep telling us not to plant them. Not to even open the package they come in. We are being told to save the contents along with all shipping labels and contact the NCDA's Plant Industry Division toll free at (800) 206-9333 or email at  From what we are being told, the department of agriculture will make arrangements to pickup the package.

The Better Business Bureau is warning folks to check the package to see how much of their personal information is on the label. It could mean someone has hacked your account. 

Duke Power Extending Another Month

Today is the official end to the no disconnect orders for Duke Power and Piedmont Gas that came down earlier this year. That meant folks who did not have money for their power bill could make arrangements to catch it back up once they were able to go back to work. The North Carolina Utilities Commission has told power companies to extend their no disconnect orders for another month. Duke Energy, the largest power supplier in the state, had already said they would give a 30 day extension. Please note: this does not necessarily include your local municipal utility service.

Man Under 4 Million Dollar Bond

A Burlington man is looking at charges, and a 4 million dollar secured bond, after a woman from Charlotte has accused him of kidnapping and rape. The woman claims Andres Gonzales gave her a ride from Charlotte to Mebane. But she says when they got to a house on Bonfire Drive, he attacked her. Investigators say they spoke with several witnesses, and have charged Gonzales with at least two counts of rape, strangulation, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping. They say he is under a 4 million dollar secured bond.

FREE Mask Giveaway

A free mask giveaway this week, courtesy of the city of Burlington. City spokesmen say the giveaway will start this Friday, and end next Tuesday. Friday, the mask giveaway will be held at parking lot #1. In case you need more than that, this is the parking lot between Webb and Front Street there along Occasions Restaurant from 11am to 1pm, or until they run out. Saturday will be the same time, at Fairchild Community Center. Then Monday at North Park from 5pm until 7, or until that supply runs out. On Tuesday, the free mask giveaway will be at Joe Davidson Park from 5 to 7, again, that might be cut short if they run out. Each person will get 2 masks. You can also ask for a two pack for a family member.

PPE Arrives at ABSS

Officials with Alamance Burlington Schools say they are sorting through some of the personal protective equipment that has arrived from the state. It includes thousands of gowns and face masks along with thermometers. Some school spokesmen say they are working on how to convince the kids to wear their masks.


By the way, you might have heard that the CDC sent out a list of things schools across the country must do in order to reopen this Fall. One of the most controversial was the rule that kids had to bring their meals from home, to eat in the classroom. Critics though pointed out that most schools across the country have been feeding the kids while school has been out, so expecting them to suddenly be able to find their own food was not very realistic. 


Speaking of schools reopening, it looks like we might not have those Friday night high school football games this year. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association says it is thinking, if in-person classes are too dangerous, then high school football practice and games might not be a good idea either. But just like when or if school is going to start back, when or if there will be football is also still an unanswered question. 

3 Juveniles Arrested - Linked To Church Vandalism

Three kids have been arrested, and charged with that vandalism at a church in Saxapahaw. Investigators say they checked surveillance video and went through the area talking to folks who helped identify the 3 boys. Tires were slashed on the Moores Chapel Church van over the weekend. Vulgar graffiti was painted inside and outside the church. The children’s playground was vandalized, a window was covered with graffiti and walls were left with holes. Sheriff Deputies say they found the boys and they admitted to what they had done. No word yet on why.

School Resource Officers are our first line of defense at ABSS Schools...

In recent days Alamance 411 has been following chatter on social media that has raised our concern that ABSS School Board Members were talking about reallocating SRO (School Resource Officer) funds to help offset the shortfall in the 20/21 county budget from Covid-19.   In a social media post, Allison Draper Gant was asked if Brian Feeley mention reallocating SRO funds and she posted  "The Board was discussing classified staff pay study and he commented that the two new positions for SRO could be considered for reallocation in the immediate 20-21 budget. He did not say All SRO officers. As we navigate a difficult budget year- all areas are being evaluated. Our MOU’s for Monday night include these two new positions. I can not speak for any board member and their vote. Hope this helps".


On 6/22/2020 An Alamance 411 source directed us to Dayson Pasión social media campaign page where we found that Pasión is running for ABSS School Board and has ties  When you research Run for Something is says:  Run For Something (RFS) is a 527 political action committee that recruits and assists ultra liberal Democratic candidates under the age of 40 to run for state and local political offices. Amanda Litman, a staffer on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign, launched RFS in early 2017.  They have put 40% of their candidates in office since they were founded. 


*** As a voters we need to keep in mind that school board elections are suppose to be nonpatisin.    


Research for yourself here:


This is a public comment submitted by Pasión to the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education

Good evening Chair Gant, members of the Board, and Dr. Benson:

This evening, while you are reviewing the School Resource Officer (SRO) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and seven contracts with local law enforcement organizations (LEOs) as well as the budget proposal for next year, I urge you to have a frank conversation about the future of the SRO program and what that needs to look like in the Alamance-Burlington Schools. In the immediate future, I hope the board will pause on the expansion of two SRO positions, especially considering it is not in the strategic plan. It is imperative that the Board considers reallocating those funds to items in the expansion budget that are and have been on the strategic plan, but have not been supported. As we move forward, I hope that the district administration and the Board evaluates the SRO program like it has so wisley evaluated other programs and positions. Perhaps the Board and community should ask these questions about the SRO program:

??What measurables are used to define a successful SRO program?

??What would it look like in terms of student outcomes?

Although the MOU identifies goals and objectives of the SRO program, I strongly recommend that concrete benchmarks be defined to measure the tertiary intended and unintended impacts of the SRO program in regards to student success, school climate and culture, and the disproportionate representation of systemically marginalized communities in the school-to-prison pipeline.

As a former educator in ABSS, I have seen first hand when SROs are asked to complete a task in which the MOU (Article II, section 5, b) clearly states they are not supposed to handle. I also ask the board to consider stronger oversight of the use of SROs by school administration to maintain program consistency across the district, but also to ensure that the officers that so honorably serve our schools are better protected.

As a community, we want our schools to be as safe as possible for all of our students. Studies show that creating school environments with adequate resources and access to social, emotional, and mental wellness programs, is the best way to achieve the safety that our community desires in our schools.


Dayson Pasión


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