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Local News

LOCAL NEWS - 5/7/19

As expected, those internet gambling establishments in Alamance County DID get themselves a lawyer, and tried to stop the Sheriff and a couple of local Police Departments from shutting them down. A judge denied that request yesterday, and as of midnight, they were shut down. This is probably not the last we’ll see of them though, they are expected to appeal, saying what they offer is not games of chance, but games of skill. Local law enforcement says they attract violence and crime.


3 people have been arrested, after they allegedly lured a man to Alamance County to meet a woman, then beat and robbed him, threw him over a bridge and drove off in his car. He says he met them in Mebane. He was thrown off the bridge in Granville County. Police in Henderson arrested 2 of the suspects. The other was picked up in Franklin County. Among the charges, assault with intent to kill.


Expect to start seeing some flowers and trees in Burlington, at the intersections of Church and Fisher Streets along Webb Ave. A group called the New Leaf Society says it will plant the roadside beds to help beautify that stretch of downtown Burlington. The plantings will include evergreen junipers, 2 types of day lilies, sweetbay magnolia and other plants.





In light of this week’s explosion in Durham, I reached out to Daniel Shoffner with the Burlington Fire Department yesterday, and asked him what kind of calls they get for gas leaks. Just to give it some context, he listed back to 2016, when there were 34. In 2017: 42 calls, in 2018 63 calls. So far this year, 19. Now, I’m assuming that increase is because of the increasing construction going on in and around Burlington. And of course, that’s just Burlington…it does not include all the other fire departments in Alamance County.



And we’ve been talking about this for a while now…If you’ve been holding on to your hazardous waste, waiting for the next recycling day for that…it’s coming up tomorrow, April 13th.That’s left over paint thinner, household cleaners, solvents, brake fluid, antifreeze, used motor oil, pesticides, lead based and electronic batteries and such. Again that’s tomorrow at the Burlington Fire Training Center in Haw River.


If you’re looking for something to do this weekend…there’s plenty to choose from in Alamance County. At Holly Hill Mall it’s the annual Maker’s Faire, where you can see rockets, steam punk stuff, folks making and showing off some cool things, and showing you how to do the same. If you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to invent something, create something wild or just pretty. This is for you. Maker’s Faire at Holly Hill Mall tomorrow. 


As heard on the maverick morning show - 4/11/19


The explosion in Durham yesterday created a response across North Carolina. Fire and Rescue from several counties, including Alamance and Guilford, volunteered to send help to Durham firefighters, but it looks like everything is under control. Firefighters were already on the scene when the explosion shook downtown Durham yesterday. They were there because someone smelled gas and called 911. Luckily, a lot of the residents and workers in the building had already been evacuated when the explosion occurred.


Alamance Burlington Schools is holding a skilled trades day today, where the kids will be getting some exposure to what kind of jobs are available in skilled trades and manufacturing. From 9;30 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon, representatives from Honda Power, Chandler Concrete, Kemco, NC DOT, Mebane Fire, ACC and others will be at Mean Arts Center. Some 600 ninth graders are expected to attend.




The city of Burlington has voted to endorse a state proposal concerning internet access. The bill in the General Assembly would allow local governments build towers and such, and then rent space on them to internet service providers. Actually, under current state law, that kind of thing is expressly forbidden. The North Carolina League of Municipalities is supporting this new bill, saying it will help downtown development in every city in  the state.



The Alamance County School Board still holding off on giving teachers a free pass to miss school on May 1st. 2 more local school boards voted just last night to allow their teachers and staff to attend that teachers rally in Raleigh coming up May 1st. That was Guilford and Forsyth counties. Durham County has also bowed to the pressure…giving their teachers the day off. ABSS students are already scheduled for Spring Break April 19th-26th.



The 2019 Dogwood Festival is a little more than 2 weeks away. The longest running street festival in Alamance County will be April 26th and 27th in Mebane. There’s a golf tournament that Friday, carnival rides, a 5K race and of course, Mason Lovette in concert that night. Saturday will include the car show, carnival rides and 3 entertainment stages along with all the arts and crafts of course. This is the 31st annual Dogwood Festival in Alamance County.

MONDAY NEWS - 4/8/19



The National Weather Service is warning us, we could see some strong storms later today and tonight. There’s a slight risk we could see some damaging winds, mostly those strong downburst winds when some storms pass over. Some lightning of course, maybe some brief heavy downpours that could result in some flooding. Just keep an eye out today and tonight and stay aware of what’s going on. I’ll have more on the weather coming up.


We’ve been telling you recently about plans to get wifi downtown in Burlington and in Graham. City and county officials are checking into grants and other ways to pay for the idea. It would mean anyone visiting downtown would have access to free broadband. Trying to appeal to those who refuse to go anywhere that cuts them off from their devices. Well, now Alamance County officials are hoping you can help them gather information. They want you to fill out a quick survey. How’s the internet access where you live? How fast is it? Would you be willing to pay more to get better access? The Alamance Burlington Schools are also getting in on it. That’s because studies have found as many as 20 percent of kids cannot finish their homework because they do not have internet access at home.


Some good news if you are hoping your little bundle of joy will end up going to Elon. It might not be as expensive by then. Elon is hoping to raise another 250 Million dollars over the next couple of years. They say about half the money will go for new scholarships. And by the way, construction on that new hotel in Elon is well underway. It will have 80 guest rooms, a restaurant and fitness center. It will be mostly for people visiting Elon, but it will also be open to the public.




These April storms are not the only indication that Spring has arrived. The Master’s Golf Tournament is coming up this week…seen by a lot of golfers as the official start of Spring. One of the events leading up to it was the drive, chip and putt competition for the kids…and one of the finalists in that this year was a 9 year old girl from Burlington. Gabriella Moorhead did not win the competition, but just being a part of it is a really big win for a kid. Ted Bonham has been her coach for the past 2 years. He says he expects she will be back next year. Gabriella’s father by the way, is Matt Moorhead.


Are you one of those who stands in line each year to get tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They come to the Triad each year around the holidays. Well, the man who founded the orchestra is actually in Burlington this week, to teach music. Mark Wood will be at Cummings and at Broadview teaching a master class and actually performing with the school muscians. The concert will be 7 o’clock tonight at Broadview Middle auditorium.


Another excuse for getting out there and working in the yard. The City of Graham is going to start rewarding you for having a nice yard. The Graham Appearance Commission and anyone can nominate a yard. The award will be made each summer, fall, winter and spring. And yes, you can nominate your OWN yard. Winners will get a yard sign, a press release and a picture of your yard on Graham’s facebook page.

Monday Local 411

Alamance County’s noise ordinance will get some attention at tonight’s County Commissioners meeting. There’s been a complaint from someone in Saxapahaw that neighbors are firing their guns just randomly all times of day, and he says it’s disturbing and should be a violation of the noise ordinance if nothing else. Now, the Alamance County noise ordinance DOES talk about music and televisions, and about construction and demolition noise at night, but says nothing about firearms.



Starting in June, if you’re going into one of Alamance County’s courthouses, you will have to leave your smart phone behind. County Commissioners have voted to ban the devices after hearing from judges and the Sheriff. The current law says it’s okay to HAVE your phone, but you cannot use it in the courtroom. But Judge Brad Allen and Sheriff Terry Johnson say people are not complying with that law. They say Bailiff’s are catching folks every day taking pictures, texting or even recording the proceedings. When the new law takes effect, there will be rental lockers by the door where you can stash your phone and pick it back up on the way out.



Some teachers in Alamance County could be in for a bonus. ABSS is thinking about offering up to $4,000 dollars to teachers who apply to teach at Broadview, Turrentine or Graham Middle school…and STAY at the school. The plan would also give them $500 if they return the next year. $250 dollars if their students meet expected growth and $500 if they EXCEED expected growth. All of these incentives would be paid every 6 months.



If you’re wondering what to do after High School, here’s something that might help. The Alamance Burlington School system is having a college fair event today at Holly Hill Mall. Students and parents are invited to talk to representatives from more than 50 public and private colleges and universities from North Carolina and across the country. And if you’re thinking of taking a few years off to travel the world…or just want to check out how the GI Bill might help you…there will also be military recruiters there to answer your questions. That’s at Holly Hill Mall today from 5pm tp 8pm.

Wedding bells were ringing at Burlington's YoZone...

Wedding bells were ringing at Burlington's YoZone...


 Vanessa Manley and Jack Jordan chose the popular frozen yogurt store as the perfect venue for their wedding. It's where they met and where they work, so they decided it should be where they married.


YoZone owner David Higham says the manager at the store even agreed to officiate the wedding. Higham says Manager Thornton Wooding applied for and received certification from the state so he could make the event legally binding.


The bride and groom also had the reception there at YoZone in Holly Hill Mall, with cookies, cake and, of course, frozen yogurt for the two dozen or so attendees.

  The wedding was held Saturday. Both Jack and Vanessa, dedicated employees that they are, worked the following day before leaving for their honeymoon.


Do you have a story idea for Alamance 411?  We'd love to hear about it.  Email us.


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Yo Zone is located inside Holly Hill Mall

309 Huffman Mill Rd #410, 
Burlington, North Carolina 27215

(336) 270-5262?

Follow them on FB.


Maverick Radio is here...

Maverick Radio is here!  They are online at  Today Maverick Radio launched with 5,000 songs commercial free.  The station will run the commercial free format for about 15 days which will be Monday, March 18th.  Chuck Marsh (President of Alamance Medai Partners) says: "The programming you hear now is hwat the station will be; New Country and The Icons of Country music...Everything Country.  On Monday, March 18th we'll get in to our hyper local programming...our on air team will be set in place and on the air". 


Alamance 411 is told their are some really cool suprises coming.  Chuck Marsh has already told us about the Maverick's Homtown Throw-down coming, The Maverick also has their Oinktober Fest Coming too, but a when's the last time a LOCAL radio station gave you a chance to win $50,000?!?!  THIS IS NOT A NATIONAL CONTEST LIKE THE OTHER STATIONS!  Only folks right here in our listening area will have the shot at this and the other prizes that will be given away.  Contest details and all the rules are coming soon.   

Tom Britt Joins Chuck & Leanne

Another addition to the new local radio station coming to Alamance County is, Tom Britt.


Chuck Marsh, President of the new station and part of the local morning team says "Having Leanne and now Tom Britt who lives minutes from our new studios off Huffman Mill in Burlington is the icing on the cake for our team!  Tom is the best of the best, spending years on Fox 8 as a meterologist.  Tom will take care of our stations news needs; our communities news needs when it comes to hyper local news, weather and traffic, not only in morning drive with Chuck & Leanne, but through out the day.  Alamance County will be able to depend on our station for whats happening right here in on community.   


Tom Britt entered broadcasting in 1966 while a freshman at East Carolina University. Originally, Tom considered broadcasting only as a way to finance his education, and continued in radio, TV and cable through graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Tom holds a BA and MA in Anthropology, an AA in Mental Health Technology and is pursuing his certification in Meteorology. Tom is also a freelance journalist and writer. For many years, he produced an award winning weekly radio feature for Duke University Medical Center that was carried on many stations and networks around the world, including the BBC.

Now, he handles afternoon news for Triad radio station WMQX-FM (Oldies 93), hosts a monthly cable tv show in Raleigh-Durham and is the voice for many radio and tv commercials in central and eastern North Carolina.


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Local Radio Returns to Alamance County

Chuck Marsh left 93.1 The Wolf 4 years ago after an amazing seven years in which Chuck & Leanne were #1 the entire seven years.  Marsh tells Alamance 411 that the reason he left The Wolf is the same reason he purchased the stations in Alamance County..."I love local radio and we got away from that".  Chuck says "I'm looking forward to getting back to that.  Loving on the community, doing lots of charity work, I can't wait to fire up our GIANT gas grill and show up at a local business and cook my friends (listeners) a hot dog like we use to with The Hometown Handshake Tour.  I'm looking forward to giving out some Chuck Hugs if that's still legal these days (He says with a smile)".  Since leaving local radio Chuck spent two years as an owner of stations in Marion VA and Ahoskie NC.  He has spent over the last year as GM of seven radio signals in Roanoke Rapids NC plus he worked a year with K-Love Radio here in the Triad.

Alamance 411: How did you end up owning stations in Alamance County? 

Chuck Marsh: We moved to Elon about the same time I left the Wolf.  Some of the listeners will remember that my joke telling buddy Nicolas was from this area, so I knew a lot about Alamance County and LOVED IT.  My wife was blessed to become an administrator with Alamance Burlington Schools so we made the move from Winston Salem.  This is our home!!!

Alamance 411: What are the plans for 1200 AM, 95.1 FM and the new signal at 94,3 FM in Mebane? 

Chuck Marsh: First, let me brag on God for a minute!  For anyone who has a dream, maybe they've thought it's crazy and could never happen; I'm here to tell you that your dreams are small compared to His vision for you.  I remember when I owned stations out of town thinking how cool it would be to own stations here, but I blew it off because I knew it was impossible.  However, through some mind blowing turn of events that I'll save to share with you all on the radio, I'm now days away from launching radio in my hometown!  Now, back to your question.  We are going to give this radio station back to the community!  We'll be at every event in the area and even plan to create our own events in 2019.  This will be a hyper local radio station!!!  All 3 signals will be one radio brand focused on super serving Alamance County!!!  I want to create a station where you have to listen because if you don't, you're going to miss something!  Local News, Traffic, and Weather with the legendary Tom Britt of Fox 8 News who lives right here in Burlington!

Alamance 411:  Rumors are that you and Leanne might be back together? 

Chuck Marsh: Another dream come true for me!  Leanne has accepted a position to help me with mornings, reviving Words to Live By and that fun she and I had til the very last day when I left which had nothing to do with Leanne...LOVE HER.  So, yes...she will be part of this in the morning and she'll hang around to do 10 am to 2 pm solo on the station.  I'm more than excited to have her on this team! 

Alamance 411:  Who else will be On the Air at the stations that or readers might know?

Chuck Marsh: Well, I mentioned Tom Britt doing Local News and Information, plus myself and Leanne.  We're hoping that Charity Apple Pierce will come help us out in a team effort with Times-News (in the Morning).  We want the morning show to be like a bunch of friends getting together for coffee each day.  Carson Johnson, who has been the Operations Manager for these stations prior to AMP buying them, will return to that role and do nights for us - 7 to Midnight.  He'll also revive the "Thunderbird Cafe" which is a really cool outlaw type show that will be exclusive to our new station.  Another name you'll know is Byron Tucker, who will do afternoons, he'll do marketing services (help our marketing partners with their marketing needs) and of course, Byron and his Football Broadcast Team will continue the tradition of the game of the week...bigger and better!    

Alamance 411: Can you tell Alamance 411 what format the stations will broadcast/play?

Chuck Marsh:  I could, but then I'd have to kill ya (laughing), just kidding.  The only thing I will give you right now is that it's like nothing else on the radio dial for several reasons!  I think folks are really gonna love it, on top of the fact that we're gonna bring a passion to this that is truly going to be magic.

Alamance 411:  What do you mean by Magic?

Chuck Marsh: I'm so glad you asked because that's the entire reason I do this for a living.  You see, the relationship between a great radio station and it's friends...I say friends, some stations call them listeners or fans, but I truly consider you friends!  I often say that if it wasn't for radio, I'd have no friends.  Back to the magic; When there is a partnership with the station and it's friends, amazing things happen!!!  Example: One that's close to home, is Nicolas who lived in Mebane.  He went to River Mill Academy and some may recall that he told jokes on The Wolf morning show.  He was family to our audience!!!  When he passed I told the story about Nick and I talking about on his birthday how I was gonna take him on a motorcycle ride and asked him where he wanted to eat, I'd take him anywhere he wanted to go.  Nick told me that his Mom wouldn't let him go to Hooters, but she'd probably let me take  He passed away about a week later of a brain tumor (just before his 10th birthday (He'd been battling since he was 2 1/2).  As I told the Hooters story, I invited folks to come to the funeral (cleared it through Jon and Heather of course) and invited motorcycle riders to join us too...Nick loved bikes.  Over 1,200 motorcycles lined Hwy 70 for his Celebration of Life.  Radio Magic!  I can tell you stories like that for days!  Had nothing to do with me or Leanne...its the relationship that friends have, we just happen to have had a lot of friends each day!  I've never taken that for granted.  I really look forward to making magic in my hometown with some of the greatest radio people I know!

Alamance 411:  Do you have a date that you will Launch?     

Chuck Marsh:  Yes...the target date is March 1st at 5 pm.  We will have the new launch for 95.1 and AM 1200.  Our new signal in Mebane/Hillsborough will come later this summer, but we hope that folks will give us a chance.  We really think you'll hear the passion and love for Alamance County.      

Contact Chuck (336.926.3141) and his team about a 25% discount on Radio Advertising as Alamance Media Partners launch in first quarter of 2019.  Mention that you heard about the offer in Alamance 411 to get the discount.


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Chuck Marsh & Leanne Petty return to radio...

In 2014, Chuck Marsh stepped away from Triad Radio and his (at that time) #1 Rate Morning Show.  There wasn't much said about that and Marsh still will not talk about it in great detail because of a confidntiallity agreement with the radio group who owns 93.1 The Wolf.  Mash did tell Alamance 411 that the main reason he left is why he is now so excited to be back on radio in Alamance County and to be partnered with not only Leanne, but News icon Tom Britt and you can bet Crate (Ronnie Payne) will be part of the new morning show too.  Chuck Marsh told Alamance 411:  "This will be like a bunch of friends sitting around the kitchen table or the front poarch, drinking coffee and chatting about stuff in the happenings and mainly having fun.  Nobody on our team thinks their smarter than the listeners and we'll always put them first!  I've always said, if you put the listeners and your advertisers first, the takes care of itself"! 


As far as the launch date of the Reboot of Chuck & Leanne?  We're told that on Friday, March 1st; there will be something going on.  The launch will include 5,000 commercial free with the new format on 1200 AM and 95.1 FM with a new signal that is slatted for launch in about 90 days.  The 94.3 FM will cover Mebane and Hillsborough, NC. 


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