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Local News

NCDOT And Highway Patrol Ready For Holiday Traffic

Traffic is expected to be a lot lighter this year, but the State DOT has still suspended all active roadwork for the holiday. It will stay shut down until Monday evening. You still have to obey the posted speed limit though. 


And a reminder that the usual “click it or ticket” campaign is underway. State officials say they have actually seen an increase in traffic deaths this year, from folks not wearing their seatbelts. They say 440 so far. 

Red Cross Blood Drive In Burlington Wednesday

If you are looking for some way to contribute to the community, this might be your chance. Another red cross blood drive will be held this Wednesday at City Park in Burlington. They say it will be at the HomeBuilders Shelter. You just need to be at least 17 years old, weigh more than 110 pounds and be in general good health. The Red Cross has been struggling obviously with the government imposed lockdown, but the need for blood donations has not dropped any. Red Cross spokesmen say all blood types are needed, but especially type O negative and B negative. Again, that's Wednesday at City Park from 10am to 3pm.

Alamance County Covid Cases Hit A Spike

Alamance County has been added to the list of North Carolina counties seeing a spike in covid 19 cases. We are now a red county, which represents dangerous levels of the virus. Just last week were in yellow, the least affected. The official numbers for Alamance County from the county health department include 733 active cases as of yesterday. 30 in the hospital and 116 deaths the county health department is blaming on Covid 19 here in Alamance County since March 20th.

Survey Shows North Carolinians Not Sold On Restrictions For Thanksgiving

A new survey is out, showing what some North Carolinians are planning for Thanksgiving this year. It shows 77 percent of those who responded say they will not be traveling this year. 16 percent say they will travel, but only locally. Only 7 percent say they will be traveling out of state. Governor Cooper says you need to limit the celebration to no more than 10 people, and hold your Thanksgiving outside, or open the windows if you are inside. 54 percent of folks in the survey say they have no intention of following those rules. 30 percent say they will open windows and 15 percent say they plan to have the meal outside. 

Chamber of Commerce Hoping You Will Shop Local

The Alamance Chamber of Commerce has announced phase 2 of its shop local campaign. Just in time for Small Business Saturday, the Chamber says it has posters small businesses can put in their windows and thank you cards they can hand out to customers. They are also asking everyone to take pictures of yourself shopping local and send them to the chamber or post them on social media with a shout out to local business. Small businesses of course have been the most affected by the government enforced shutdown of the economy.

Greensboro Man Says He Plans Another Protest In Downtown Graham

Local businesses and local law enforcement in Graham are preparing for possible trouble this coming weekend, when a Greensboro protest organizer says he plans another rally downtown. Greg Drumwright reportedly says he plans to peacefully protest what he considers white supremacy in Alamance County. Some reports say Drumwright plans the next protest on small business Saturday, but other reports say it is planned for Sunday, the day after. Drumwright also says the felony charges brought against him are nothing but retaliation by local law enforcement. He says his previous protests used gas powered generators and they had no issues. This time however, the agreement he signed with law enforcement specifically banned the use of anything but battery powered devices. 

Local Small Businesses Benefit From Covid Loan Program

It looks like that a local recovery loan program has helped some Alamance County small businesses weather the government shutdown of the economy. The money for the loan fund has come from a variety of sources. The original 100 thousand came from the Alamance Chamber of Commerce. The County Commissioners then added another 200 thousand they got from the CARES Act, and Impact Alamance came up with 50 thousand. According to a story in the Alamance News this week, County Commissioners have received a report on how the money has been spent so far. They say a little more than 160 thousand has been loaned out so far. The businesses helped include 3 hair salons, 2 restaurants, a gym, an accountant, a child-care center, an auto repair shop and a vending company. They say that represents 10 of the 25 applications they have received so far. 

Woman Attacks Customer In Burlington WalMart With A Baseball Bat

A bizarre attack at WalMart in Burlington over the weekend. Investigators say a 31 year old woman used a metal baseball bat to attack a random shopper at the WalMart on Garden Rd. They say witnesses quickly came to the victims aid, while other shoppers and employees chased the attacker down. Police say they have arrested 31 year old Candice Coles. They say they have still not figured out why she attacked the other woman. The victim was taken to Alamance Regional with non-life threatening injuries.

Alamance County Libraries Now Have WiFi Hotspots You Can Borrow

A reminder that wifi hotspots are still available at Alamance County’s libraries. But this time it is not just driving up there and parking outside to use the signal. Now, the libraries have a hotspot you can check out like a book. There are some restrictions of course. You have to be at least 17 years old, you have to have a library card and be in good standing. That means no outstanding fees. There is a 28 day limit, and they cannot guarantee immediate availability. You might have to wait until someone else turns theirs in. And a reminder: the library has no control over the strength of the internet signal where you live. If this sounds like something you can use, you can call or go to any of the libraries.

Protesters Arrested For Disrupting Alamance County Commissioners

There were 5 people arrested at this week’s Alamance County Commissioners meeting. It appears they were there protesting that the meeting was held during the day, where protesters said people who wanted to comment would not be able to attend. There were apparently between 30 and 35 protesters. When the Commissioners decided to recess, the protesters became disruptive. 3 were arrested there, and 2 more were arrested at the courthouse where those 3 were waiting for their paperwork. Only 2 of the 5 were from Alamance County. 2 of the 5 are from Durham and one from Greensboro. Only 2 of those arrested were from Alamance County.

Alamance County Board of Elections To Hold Recount

The Alamance County Board of Elections says it will be holding a special meeting tomorrow, to recount the votes for State Supreme Court Chief Justice. The democratic party candidate requested the recount yesterday. She is allowed to do that since there was less than 1% difference between her and the republican candidate. That election is just one of several that are still too close to call in North Carolina. The recount will start at 1:30 tomorrow at the old Medicap Pharmacy. That building is being rented by Alamance County. They have been using it as a place for you to drive through and pay your property taxes.

Some ABSS Students Return To The Classroom

Today is the first day back to school for some Pre-K and Adapted Curriculum students in the Alamance Burlington School System. Pre-K students whose parents selected the in-person instruction option will start back to school 5 days a week starting today. Adapted Curriculum students in grades K-12 may attend class based on their parent-teacher determined personalized schedule beginning today. Pre-K and Adapted Curriculum students whose parents did not select the in-person learning option will continue with all-remote learning through the end of the first semester (January 15). Other ABSS students in grades K-12 will continue in all-remote learning through the end of the first semester based on the board vote on Friday, October 23.

Alamance County Woman Honored For Fund Raising For Hospice

The woman who started Hospice of Alamance Caswell is being honored by a professional Triad organization. Faye Boswell has been named the Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser. Back in 1988, Boswell was friends with a woman with a terminal illness. She refused to go to the hospital though, saying she preferred to pass away at home. Since then, Boswell started the Hospice League of Alamance. She also helped start fundraisers like the annual Burlington Balloon Festival, the annual golf tournament and the Hospice Flea Market, which eventually led to the Hospice Thrift Store. The award will be presented during a virtual ceremony next week. 

Teenager Charged With Vandalism Might Be Tried As Adults

Do you remember back this summer, when 3 teenagers vandalized a church in Saxapahaw. The DA says at least one of them will be tried as an adult. The other 2 might be following that path as well. By trying them as adults, the three 18 year olds could each face ten years in prison. The hearing for one of the teenagers has already been held, and he has been transferred to the adult court. The hearing for the other two should be in a few weeks.  

Covid Testing At Elon Before Students Leave For The Holidays

Kids at Elon are getting another Covid test this week. This time though, it is to make sure they are not taking the virus with them when they go home for Thanksgiving. Some cities around the country are requiring quarantine for anyone who does not get tested before going there. 

Chick-fil-A Incentives Package Approved By Alamance County Commissioners

The Alamance County Commissioners have joined the Mebane City Council, in approving an incentives package for a Chick-fil-A facility. The company says it wants to build south of the interstate there near the area where WalMart, Lidl and UPS will have their distribution facilities. Mebane and Alamance County will provide nearly 800 thousand dollars in taxes and fees, if Chick-fil-A hires at least 160 employees.

Elon Doing Survey On What Residents Think Of The Burlington Police Department

A survey being handled by Elon University is asking you your opinions of the Burlington Police Department. There are some differing opinions though ABOUT the survey. Several people who have seen the questionnaire say it is incomplete. They say there is no way to answer “not applicable” or “don’t know” and some complain some of the questions are worded in such a way the answers can be twisted to suit anti-police students and professors. The Burlington Police Department however, says they really do want your feedback. We will post the link to the survey on our facebook page if you want to participate. Or you can go to the Burlington Police Department facebook page for the link. Click the link below to begin the survey:

Orange County Approves Buc-ee's For Efland

Do you remember back this summer, we told you about a possible truck stop coming to Efland? It looks like it might be ready to happen. The land for the Buc-ee’s truck stop sits across the line in Orange County, and last week, the Orange County Planning Board approved it. This would be a huge thing. A 64 thousand square foot retail area. 120 gas pumps, and eventually a 120 room hotel. There would even be a medical facility, a bank and of course, restaurants. Now that it has been approved, the developer says he will start construction in 2022. This will be off the interstate at the exit to the Highway 70 connector there in Efland. The Orange County Planning Board says they expect the new Buc-ee’s will bring in around 2 million dollars a year to the local tax base. They are going to call it Efland Station. 

State Board Of Elections Held Up By 10 Counties

It is still not over. The State Board of Elections says it is still waiting for several North Carolina counties to check their numbers. Alamance County's results were clear. Right now, it looks like 10 counties are having issues. Even though most mainstream media have already declared the winners and losers in various races, they are not the official spokesmen. Among the 10 counties that have still not officially reported their numbers is Rockingham County. Most of the others are downeast, around Wilmington, Lumberton and Fayetteville. In one case, the votes from one of the precincts were never counted. In another, mail-in votes were counted twice. Each of the County Boards are having to go through and correct those problems. 

Van Driver Awaiting Possible Charges After Crashing Into Burlington Police Station

Burlington police say everyone is fine, after a red van crashed into the Police headquarters last Friday. As we told you then, it was a lone driver, and the driver was arrested at the scene. One Burlington officer was injured, but only slightly. The driver is being treated for psychological issues. He has not been identified, but Burlington Police say he will be charged. They say they are talking to the District Attorney about the possible charges.

Twin Lakes To Get 5 Story Building

It looks like Twin Lakes retirement community could be getting a skyscraper. The Elon Board of Aldermen has approved plans to build a 5 story building at the retirement complex. Elon’s Land Development Ordinance requires a special permit for anything over 3 stories, so Twin Lakes had to apply for special permission. The new 5 story building will be built at what is now the Coble Creek Skilled Healthcare Building, the first building that went up at the retirement community back in the 1980’s.

Elon's Study Abroad Program Suffers From Coronavirus Shutdown Around the World

One of the things Elon University is known for is their study abroad program. The Alamance County university ranks in the top 5 in every national survey for such programs. But those travels overseas have been seriously affected by the responses a lot of countries have imposed due to the coronavirus. For instance, a lot of folks don’t realize at least 52 countries have closed their borders to outsiders, and 95 have at least partially shutdown to outsiders. At Elon, there are still 19 students in the program, including Germany, Rwanda, South Korea, England, France, Germany and Spain. Now though, all winter study abroad plans have been cancelled and some of the spring programs as well. 

Electric Co-op Giving More than 50 Thousand Dollars To Local Teachers

Piedmont Electric has once again stepped up to help the local community. The co-op serves a big chunk of Alamance County, as well as Caswell and Orange. You might remember we told you Piedmont Electric has been working to expand internet access to many of those rural areas. Now, they are paying out more than 50 thousand dollars to 31 local teachers as part of what they call the Bright Ideas Initiative. The teachers can apply to use the money in areas like art, music, history, science, math and such.

Alamance County Vote Totals Due Today

Today is the day the Alamance County Elections Board takes their official, final results to Raleigh. There, the State Board will go through everything, and declare the final, official state numbers by November 24th. There are still nearly a dozen state offices that have not yet been decided.

Alamance County Republican Party To Name Amy Galey's Replacement

Here in Alamance County, we are going to be needing a new Alamance County Commissioners Chairman. Amy Galey does appear to have won that seat to the General Assembly, and will be taking over for Rick Gunn when he steps down next month. Here’s the catch though, Galey still has 2 years to go in her term as Chairman of the Commissioners. Since she is a Republican, the Alamance County Republican Party will need to appoint a replacement. Right now there are apparently 2 folks being considered. Michael Trollinger, a town councilman for Green Level, and Craig Turner, the first vice chairman for the Alamance County Republican Party. 

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