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MONDAY NEWS - 4/8/19



The National Weather Service is warning us, we could see some strong storms later today and tonight. There’s a slight risk we could see some damaging winds, mostly those strong downburst winds when some storms pass over. Some lightning of course, maybe some brief heavy downpours that could result in some flooding. Just keep an eye out today and tonight and stay aware of what’s going on. I’ll have more on the weather coming up.


We’ve been telling you recently about plans to get wifi downtown in Burlington and in Graham. City and county officials are checking into grants and other ways to pay for the idea. It would mean anyone visiting downtown would have access to free broadband. Trying to appeal to those who refuse to go anywhere that cuts them off from their devices. Well, now Alamance County officials are hoping you can help them gather information. They want you to fill out a quick survey. How’s the internet access where you live? How fast is it? Would you be willing to pay more to get better access? The Alamance Burlington Schools are also getting in on it. That’s because studies have found as many as 20 percent of kids cannot finish their homework because they do not have internet access at home.


Some good news if you are hoping your little bundle of joy will end up going to Elon. It might not be as expensive by then. Elon is hoping to raise another 250 Million dollars over the next couple of years. They say about half the money will go for new scholarships. And by the way, construction on that new hotel in Elon is well underway. It will have 80 guest rooms, a restaurant and fitness center. It will be mostly for people visiting Elon, but it will also be open to the public.

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