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Local News Archives for 2020-09

Elon University To Stay In Mutual Aid Agreement With Other Alamance County Law Enforcement Agencies

You might recall a few months ago, some folks at Elon were offended, when they saw an Elon University Police car down at the old courthouse in Graham during a protest. Officials explained it was part of what is called mutual aid. Seven law enforcement agencies in Alamance County are part of the mutual aid, agreeing to help each other when and if the need arises. Some Elon students and professors demanded Elon leave the mutual aid set up. But the committee the school set up to hear the arguments has voted to continue with the agreement.

Charitable Foundation Exceeds Goal

We told you yesterday about the passing of Dr Charles Kernodle, the founder of the Kernodle Clinic. Ironically, that was the same week Alamance Regional Medical Center celebrated their 25th year. The Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation held a fund raiser in honor of the event, and say they set a goal of $75,00 but so far they have raised more than $100,000. 

14 Billion Dollars In Covid Relief Available to Alamance County Farmers

Alamance County farmers struggling to keep it together during the government enforced lockdown might be getting more government money to help them out. The US Department of Agriculture says sign ups for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program are now underway, and will run through December 11. The USDA has 14 billion dollars for the program from the CARES Act and the Commodity Credit Corp. Payments will support row crops, specialty crops, livestock, dairy, aquaculture and commodities.You can apply at the Alamance County Farm Service Agency offices. But the USDA recommends that customers call 877-508-8364 first to speak with a USDA employee. Eligibility forms can be downloaded from For a complete list of eligible commodities, payment rates and calculations, visit


ABSS School Board Delays Decision On Returning Students to the Classroom

Still no definite word on when and if your kids will be going back to class in Alamance County. The Alamance Burlington School Board yesterday heard about possible solutions to the problem of getting the school schedule back to some semblance of normal. In the end though, the ABSS Board decided to push the discussion of re-opening to their next meeting. There is no meeting scheduled until the end of October. The one decision that was made was to tell the ABSS Athletic Director the student athletes in Alamance County will not be allowed to start working out. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has called for cross country and volleyball workouts to start this week. The ABSS Board though, says they are not allowing that here.   


Alamance County Board of Elections Still Needs Volunteer Poll Workers

Early voting starts October 15th here in North Carolina, and the Alamance County Board of Elections says they could really use your help. They need volunteers to work at the polls during early voting and on election day. As you know, most poll workers are retired folks who have time on their hands, or make time. But with the covid scare and the actual higher health danger for older folks, elections officials are hoping to find some younger volunteers. Statewide, elections officials are reaching out to colleges asking for volunteers, and some companies are even offering their employees a free vacation day to any employees that volunteer to work the polls. Statewide, elections officials say they need around 30,000 volunteers this year. By the way, if you would like to volunteer here in Alamance County: go to the Alamance County Board of Elections website. Scroll down and click on the link to Be A Democracy Hero. 

Alamance County's Private Schools, Charter Schools & Public Schools Respond to Virus Scare Differently

An article in this week's Alamance News has some interesting numbers when it comes to schooling. They say all 5 of Alamance County's private schools have reopened with in-class instruction, and none so far have reported any Covid 19 clusters. The 3 Charter schools in Alamance County however, are following the lead of ABSS, and holding on-line only classes. Alamance Community School is the only charter school offering a mix of online and in-person classes. ABSS officials are proposing a hybrid when this first 9 weeks of school ends next month. The ABSS School Board will actually meet tonight. You can watch the school board meeting from home on Zoom if you like. The link can be found at In the big window at the top of the page, just click on Board of Education and then scroll to the bottom for the link.

Dr Charles Kernodle Passes

Lots of people today in Alamance County are mourning the death of Dr Charles Kernodle. The 102 year old reportedly passed away peacefully on Saturday. For those new to Alamance County, the Kernodle family is well known for their generosity and community involvement. Kernodle and his brothers founded Kernodle Clinic, among other things. He was one of 7 children, born in Ossipee. He graduated from Elon in 1938 and went to medical school at Duke. Earlier this year, he was named to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame in honor of his 70 years as team physician for Williams High School athletics.

Photo Credit: The Times News

Some Alamance County Businesses to Benefit From Congressional Covid 19 Relief Money Released by the Governor

Governor Roy Cooper yesterday announced the creation of a 40 million dollar fund called the Mortgage, Utility, and Rent Relief Program, to be administered by the state department of commerce, and earmarked for small businesses. They can apply for no more than 20,000 dollars each, but it is a first come first served, so they will have to compete with each other. The 20,000 maximum is of course too late to those small businesses in North Carolina who have already gone belly up because of the Governor’s lock down of small businesses.

Alamance County Church Donates Food Truck to ABSS

The Alamance Burlington School System rolled out a new set of wheels this week, helping deliver daily lunches to the kids. The food truck was donated by Burlington’s First United Methodist Church. ABSS officials say the bus will help them reach kids in more rural parts of Alamance County. They say they used the new food truck to deliver more than 100 meals on Tuesday alone. 



Sewage Spill In Graham

A sewage spill in the town of Graham earlier this week. Officials tell us about 450 gallons of raw sewage went into the creek there at the Boyd Creek Lift Station on Ingold Drive. That is a tributary of the Cape Fear. They tell us it only went for about 30 minutes before they stopped it. 


Elon on High Alert after Covid Outbreak

The town of Elon is looking a bit empty today, and the campus especially. Elon University has raised the alert level, after reporting at least 90 active cases of covid 19 in the past few days alone. Students are being asked to limit their outdoor activities, and many of the businesses in Elon are empty. About 280 Elon  students are being quarantined, due to contact tracing, even though they have not tested positive. And a reminder, this outbreak affects not only the students, but a fairly large number of retired folks living in Elon.  


And a quick update for the rest of us: The Alamance County Health Department says they have 265 active cases right now, with 10 of those in the hospital. There have been 55 deaths associated with the virus since March 20th. A little more than 3,500 people in Alamance County tested positive, but fully recovered.

PrePac Set to Open In February in Whitsett

That Canadian company coming to Whitsett now says it plans to build a 300 million dollar facility, and hire more than 200 workers from Alamance and Guilford counties. PrePac makes furniture you assemble at home, like Ikea. They say they are familiar with the area, since they have been coming to the High Point Furniture Market for more than 20 years. They say that was one reason they picked Whitsett over a location in Pennsylvania. That, and the incentives offered by the state and by Guilford County. The facility will be just south of the interstate at the Rock Creek Dairy Rd exit.

Biscuitville Founder Passes

Alamance County lost a major player in the business community this past weekend. Maurice Jennings died Saturday at the age of 86. In case you’re not up on local history, Jennings is the founder of Biscuitville. He started making bread, then started making pizza, and ended up with a string of restaurants called Pizzaville. Then he started making biscuits during the day when the pizza ovens were free. Eventually, he started making more from the biscuits than the pizza, and started Biscuitville in 1975.

Elon Dealing With Spike in Covid Cases

Another spike in coronavirus cases at Elon. The Alamance County school says they now have 88 active confirmed cases. You might remember we told you they had a spike of more than 2 dozen confirmed cases last Thursday. Over the weekend health officials announced another 32 cases at Elon on Friday, 12 new cases Saturday and 10 new cases confirmed on Sunday. Because of all that, Elon has announced they are moving to a Level 3 High Alert, and they are asking all students to limit everyday activities. 


Meanwhile, the Alamance County Health Department says they have 266 active confirmed cases of Covid 19 right now. 12 of those are in the hospital. They say there have been 55 deaths they say were caused by the virus, and 35 hundred confirmed cases have recovered. That brings the total number of cases in Alamance County to 3, 855 since the first case was confirmed back on March 20th. That is out of a population of nearly 170,000.

Graham Museum Proposes A National Blacks-Only Art Contest

The Graham Historical Museum is hoping to hold a national art contest. According to a story in the Alamance News this week, the Museum Board has voted to invite black artists to submit works about Wyatt Outlaw, the Graham constable lynched near the old courthouse in 1870. The board voted to only allow black artists, and to make it a national instead of a local contest. The Graham City Council would still need to approve the idea. 

Rally At Ace Speedway Calls for Return To Conservative Values

A rally this weekend at Ace Speedway brought hundreds of people together. Candidates for state and local offices made speeches calling for a return to conservative values both locally and nationally. There were immigrant speakers there as well, saying they were afraid the Marxist violence in Latin America and Venezuela they came here to escape would be brought here by democrats if they took control of government. Candidates for local and state office also encouraged attendees to get out and vote, and to encourage their friends and family to get out and vote. 

Mebane City Council Says No to Townhomes Beside Tanger Outlets

The Mebane City Council last week voted not to allow a new townhouse development on land now used by Tanger Outlets for overflow parking. Neighbors had complained the 85 unit development would create a traffic jam for everyone. One Mebane Councilmember also pointed out it would be an eyesore right there off the interstate.

UPS Facility in Alamance County Might Be Bigger Than Originally Thought

A couple of new developments with that potential UPS facility in Alamance County. The Mebane City Council has approved their share of the incentives package, and UPS has revealed new plans showing the facility will actually be about twice as big as they originally said. The earlier plans called for about 500 thousand square feet, but according to a story in the Alamance News, they are now showing off plans for a million square feet. As you might know, UPS had also originally talked about more than 450 employees. Now they say in addition to that, they will be looking for more than a thousand part-time workers. 


More Covid Positive Tests at Elon

Elon University says it is moving to what they call level 2 security, after another increase in the number of students testing positive for Covid 19. They say there have been 24 new cases this week, with 21 of those among their student athletes. That makes a total of 65 positive test results for the Alamance County school. Elon officials say they are cancelling several men’s and women’s sports seasons because of it. By the way, the State Health Department says 4 thousand college students in North Carolina have tested positive for Covid 19. Out of that they admit, only one of those 4 thousand students has been sick enough to be hospitalized.

North Park Pool Reopens

North Park Pool in Burlington opened this Wednesday after about a year of updates and renovations. We’re talking more than 3 million dollars in renovations. After the ribbon cutting on Wednesday, Burlington Mayor Ian Baltutis and his family were the first in the water. For the rest of us, the North Park Pool will open on Saturday, and will be open weekends only from noon to 5:30. There are some other restrictions as well. For instance, you have to have an appointment to use the pool. You can get a one hour reservation two days in advance, and you have to wear a mask when you are not in the water. These are the same rules now in effect at Maynard Aquatic Center.

Dairy Farmers Can Apply for Covid Funds

Alamance County dairy farmers are getting some love from the State Department of Agriculture. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler says he has been given the okay to open applications for 2 million dollars in relief for farmers. The application period for the Covid 19 Dairy Aid Program starts September 28th but is only open until October 12th.

Share Your Ideas on Moving Alamance County Forward

The Alamance County Land Development input session that had been scheduled for last night was moved because of the weather forecast. Now they say, there will be a session tomorrow at Pleasant Grove Community Center. That one will be from 11 to 1 tomorrow. Another one has been set for the Eli Whitney Community Center on Monday the 28th from 5 to 7pm. They’re talking about the future of Alamance County, and how we are going to preserve what we love about it, while still encouraging economic development. You can find out more by going to this website:

Rules For Campaign Signs in Alamance County

You have probably seen all the campaign signs going up across Alamance County recently. State officials are out with a reminder of the rules governing such signage. For instance, you have to have permission from the property owner to put up a sign. If you put one up, you are responsible for picking it back up within 10 days of the election. No signs are allowed in the right of way for the interstate, and the sign cannot be closer than 3 feet from the edge of the pavement. The sign cannot obscure the vision of motorists. And, if you steal or destroy a sign someone else has put up, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. 

ABSS Makes Plans for Returning to In-Person Classes

If you have kids in the Alamance Burlington School system, it appears ABSS is looking at going back to in-person, at least for some kids, on some days, after October 23rd. According to what we are seeing on social media, High School students would continue remote learning, while kindergarten through 8th grade would do a combination of online and in-person. The kids would be put into two different groups. One would go to class Monday and Tuesday, and the other would go to class Thursday and Friday. They also say if parents want their kids to continue online instead of in-person, that will be allowed. And teachers who don’t want to come into contact with kids will be considered on a case by case basis. None of this is finalized of course, the Alamance County School Board will have to approve it first. But again, this would start October 23rd.


Alamance County Sheriff's Office Fighting Child Sex Crimes

Alamance County Sheriff’s deputies have made a couple of arrests this week. In one, a Caswell County man has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a child here in Alamance County. 66 year old Larry Wayne Reams is in custody facing 6 counts. 


And an Orange County man was picked up by Alamance County deputies and Orange County deputies yesterday. 39 year old  Maynard Tremayne Glaspie is charged with 2 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Investigators say Glaspie had been sending out pictures by computer. The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office recently received funding for specialists to investigate internet crimes. Until recently, deputies had to handle those investigations on top of their other duties. 

Graham Recreation and Parks Invites You To Take Pictures

There is a national campaign underway, that supporters say they hope will bring awareness of how important bees, butterflies and wasps are to our ecosystem. Here in Alamance County, the Graham Recreation and Parks Department is hosting the Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz Program. They are encouraging folks to take pictures and upload them to the iNaturalist app. That app will identify just what kind of insect it is and add it to the international database. 

Mebane City Council to Vote on UPS Incentives

The Mebane City Council is expected to vote tonight on their part of the incentives package for UPS. Monday night they held a public hearing, but no one showed up to speak. Mebane, Graham and Alamance County are all three part of the package to bring UPS here. Mebane is the only one not to have approved the incentives. The total package is expected to be a little less than 4 and a half million. In return, UPS says it will hire 450 full time and more than 1 thousand part time workers. UPS is also expedited to pay more than one million dollars each year in taxes.

Flash Flood Watch for Alamance County

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for Alamance County, but it does not take effect until tomorrow morning. The latest computer models show what is left of hurricane Sally will likely enter the Atlantic over top of Myrtle Beach. That is a bit farther north than what was projected yesterday, and it means Alamance County is more likely to see as much as 4 inches of rain tomorrow and Friday. Some folks in southern Alamance County could see 5 inches of rain. Randolph and Chatham counties are projected to hit more than 5 inches of rain tomorrow and Friday. On the positive side, we do not expect high winds. Projections are for 5-10mph winds tomorrow and Friday.  


Attention Parents: Alamance 411 understands this was approve by Administration: ABSS students were allowed to write Defund Police, No Trump, Hands Up, Don't Shoot, BLM and other writings on the Walls of ABBS High School.

Attention Parents: ABSS students were allowed to write Defund Police, No Trump, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, BLM and other writings on the Walls of ABBS High School.


Alamance 411 understands (per source) that this was approve by ABSS Administration:  ABSS students were allowed to write Defund Police, No Trump, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, BLM and other writings on the Walls of ABBS High School.?


Alamance 411 has obtained pictures and video footage from concerned parents of one of our local schools with social justice writings on the walls at Eastern Alamance High School.  Students have been allowed to write Defund Police, No Trump, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot BLM and other writings to be posted on the Walls of ABBS High School.



Burlington Police Community Academy To Go Virtual

The Burlington Police Department is offering another community police academy. It is an 11 week course showing you how the police department works. If you want to get involved, there are a few requirements. You must have a clean criminal record, be at least 18 years old, and be willing to commit to all 11 sessions. Because of the coronavirus scare, this community police academy will be held on-line. To sign up, you need to go to the Burlington Police Department website.

Elon Might Ban Some Students from Campus for Partying

Elon University says there are now 27 students facing charges for breaking the rules concerning coronavirus. The rules say if you host what they consider a mass gathering, you can be suspended from campus. In addition to the 27 students looking at charges, there are now more than 70 students accused of attending those gatherings. That is about twice the number originally reported. All the students face disciplinary action that could include being banned from campus, and even being banned from study abroad. Elon’s study abroad program is considered one of the best in the country.

Ace Speedway To Open for Practice

It looks like Ace Speedway is ready to drop the flag again. They have posted a notice on social media, that weekly open practices will resume Thursday night, September 24th. The post also says the gates will open at 4pm, which would indicate they are allowing fans to come in. A rally is also planned for this weekend for President Trump.

GTCC In-Person Classes Cancelled for Monday

If you or someone you know goes to GTCC, you’ve got a day off. This time it has nothing to do with the coronavirus or any kind of social justice protest. Officials at Greensboro Technical Community College say they have been the victim of a cyber attack. All GTCC campuses are closed today and all in-person classes are also cancelled, but on-line classes will be held. GTCC says the NC Community College System Cyber Incident Response Team and supporting agencies say they will assess the GTCC system  and figure out just which systems were affected by the cyber attack. Officials say they will make a decision Monday afternoon on whether or not classes will be held Tuesday.

Alamance County Commissioners Approve Rules for Solar Farms

It looks like Alamance County might finally have an ordinance that covers solar farms. It is part of the Heavy Industrial Development Ordinance that the Alamance County Planning Board has been working on for more than a year. The new ordinance shortens the set back requirement from 150 feet down to 75 feet and cuts the buffer requirement from 50 feet down to 30 feet. It also includes a section requiring anyone with a drone to get permission to fly over and includes rules for tearing down the solar farm once it has outlived its usefulness. The heavy industrial development ordinance became necessary because of the Snow Camp stone quarry controversy, and the solar farm industry asked for regulations for them as well. Most counties in North Carolina do not have zoning codes for places outside city limits.

SBI Clears Kimrey of Any Wrong-Doing

Former Graham City Council member Lee Kimrey has been cleared of any wrong-doing, following an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation. You might recall, Kimrey lost his race for re-election by just 59 votes in the last election. Before leaving, he told Mayor Jerry Peterman he wanted to be investigated, so he could prove he did nothing wrong. There were allegations Kimrey had a vacant lot cleared by Graham city employees so he could build a house on the lot near Graham Middle School. The SBI says there is no evidence Kimrey did anything underhanded or illegal.


Elon Recognized For Undergraduate Excellence

Elon University has been given yet another national honor. The Alamance County school has been named by US News and World Report as the second best college in the country for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Only Brown University  ranked higher. And by the way, Duke University was the only other college in North Carolina in the top ten. Duke came in at 9th best in the country. 

Whitsett Has Coronavirus Funds Left Over

The town of Whitsett has some extra money. According to a story in this week’s Alamance News, the Whitsett town council has more than 10 thousand dollars left over from money they were given by Guilford County, meant to be used to pay for extra expenses caused by the coronavirus. The town manager says all they spent was some money on masks and personal protective equipment. He suggested they use the 10 thousand to stock up on more such items, and give them out to citizens and community groups.

Questions: Parents ask "Is ABSS indoctrinating our Kids"?

Questions:  Parents ask "Is ABSS indoctrinating our Kids"? 


This will start Alamance 411’s series of questions for ABSS Administration & the ABSS School Board.


Most of the world saw the national headlines a few weeks ago of a Tennessee school system asking parents to sign an agreement to not watch their children’s remote learning:  This left some parents to wonder “what’s going on in the classrooms, what are they teaching that they don’t want us to see”?  This can’t be happening in small-town America?  Not in Alamance County?!?!  Or could it???


It has come to Alamance 411’s attention via several sources/parents (who have asked to be un-named in fear of retaliation by ABSS administration and the teachers involved) that potentially questionable things are in fact being taught in ABSS classrooms. 


One parent sent us a video of a child’s 7th grade science class – Southern Middle, showing the video you see here promoting Kamala Harris being the VP choice with Joe Biden 2020.  The parent had dealt with this same teacher directly about a similar matter, so decided to go to an administrator on this event.    The admin told this parent “after watching the video he went to the teacher and asked what the video had to do with science (which I think is the question on all of our minds)?  The teacher told him she didn’t think about it and she thought it would just be a fun video for the kids to watch. He said he told her that that’s not something that needs to be shown to students and it should not happen again”.


Alamance 411 has also been told of a similar instance where a parent at Eastern Alamance found out there was a BLM presentation in a sports medicine class. 


Alamance 411 Questions

  • What does this video have to do with Science? 
  • If this was approved ABSS content, why was the other side not given?  Biased? 
  • What if this had been a video for the other party?  Would the teacher have gotten away with it or would they have been asked to resign?  Reprimanded in some way?


We spoke to ABSS School board member Allison Draper Gant about these questions.  She didn’t seem to know or have any information about these events, seemed concerned and told me to let our parents/sources to contact Revonda Johnson – ABSS Chief Secondary Officer: 336-438-4000 ext. 20070 with any questions and concerns:


*** This video was sent to Alamance 411 - our sourse says this is actual vedio of their child's remote learning class noted in the above story.  You may need to use a desk top to see the video.



Alamance County's Newest Private School Open for Students

Most education experts agree that the government shutdown is actually helping push forward the move to private schooling. They say the move was already happening, but the school shutdown has pushed it forward a little faster. More and more parents are choosing private schools or even home-schooling over government-run education. Here in Alamance County, the newest private school is Alamance Community School. The facility is still being built along Jimmie Kerr Rd north of the interstate. The school’s first class of students is using Mebane’s Crosslink Community Church right now, since the school buildings are still under construction. If you drive by, you’ll see the outside is finished, but they are still doing the interior.

Alamance County Covid Cases by Zip Code

The Alamance County Health Department says there have been a total of a little more than 3 thousand 400 cases of Covid 19 here in Alamance County since back in March. More than 12 hundred of those cases came from northern Alamance County: the 27217 zip code. That is the most of any zip code area. That area has also had the highest reported deaths from the virus, at 35. According to the health department, the fewest reported cases in Alamance County came from the Elon and A/O zip code 27244. That area has had 103 confirmed cases and no deaths.

Mebane Bowling Alley Reopens

Alamance County’s last remaining bowling alley is finally back open. Buffaloe Lanes in Mebane re-opened Tuesday. Governor Roy Cooper closed them down about 6 months ago, as part of his plan to fight the Corona virus. According to an article in the Mebane Enterprise, the bowling alley will be open from 1 - 8pm each day for now. They say they will make adjustments depending on customer feedback. In Burlington, Country Club Lanes has of course closed its doors permanently, and is being torn down to make way for a new Lidl grocery store.

LabCorp Once Again Breaks Ground in Covid 19 Testing

Alamance County’s LabCorp has once again stepped up in the fight against Covid 19. The B burlington based company says it has developed a test that can check for the Corona virus as well as the flu and other respiratory illnesses. Until now, you had to have 3 different tests. They say the test will be available through your doctor, your local hospital or any other authorized healthcare provider. Labcorp also says it has asked the FDA for approval to offer the test in an at-home version.

Elon University to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage in Alamance County

Elon University says it is planning to celebrate Alamance County’s booming hispanic population. They say September 15th through October 15th will be Hispanic Heritage Month. They say there will be plenty of events for students, faculty and staff, along with anyone from Alamance County who wants to get it on it. 


UPS Facility in Alamance County is the Largest Project in the Entire Country

The 262 million dollar UPS facility being proposed for Alamance County appears to be the largest construction project in the entire country right now. A construction industry analyst says it is the largest commercial project to enter construction planning in the United States in August. The Graham City Council and the Alamance County Commissioners have already approved their part of the incentives package to bring the facility. The Mebane City Council is expected to make their decision at their next meeting on September 14th. That is this coming Monday.

Alamance Monument to Local Confederate Soldiers To Remain at Courthouse

It looks like the monument to Alamance County soldiers will stay where it is. Alamance County Commissioners yesterday got an update on the law concerning monuments. County Attorney Clyde Albright told them once again, that the General Assembly has ruled it is up to the state, not local governments, what happens to monuments.


The meeting was called after UPS released a statement saying they favored removing the statue. The County Commissioners have told them and protesters that the statue was a state issue, and that their hands were tied. 

State Denies Permits for Facility Along Alamance Caswell Line

That’s a no from the state last week, for a permit for two industrial facilities ju/st north of the Alamance County line in Caswell County. State environmental officials dined the permits for an asphalt and concrete plant. One was proposed for Highway 62 just outside Anderson Township. The other about 20 miles away near Prospect Hill. State officials say they did a computer model, putting in all the things the company said it would be doing at the sites. They say it showed they would far exceed acceptable levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and that would affect folks living around the plants. The company, Carolina Sunrock, can still appeal the decision.

Two Books Available On History of Glencoe Village

There are a couple of new books just released that should be of interest to a lot of Alamance County folks. The books give a history of the old Glencoe Village and how it has been restored. They also talk about the Textile Heritage Museum there at Glencoe. George Nall is the author. You might know him from his work there at Glencoe. He was one of the founders behind the restoration and preservation of the Textile Museum and the Glencoe Village. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Station To Be Built in Mebane

Another sign that electric vehicles are the coming thing. Piedmont Electric is putting a charging station in Mebane. They say it will be at the Garrett Crossing shopping center just off the interstate. This will be a fast DC charger. That means it can charge a depleted battery to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. Piedmont Electric was also given a grant to install one at Carrboro Plaza off Highway 54. Piedmont Electric is a coop that serves folks in Alamance, Caswell, Orange and Person counties. In case you’re not familiar, they have also been given a grant to expand internet access in parts of Alamance County.

Mebane Greenway Moves Forward

The city of Mebane says it is moving forward with plans to build a greenway to connect the Arts Center between Giles and Roosevelt Streets on over to Third St to the east and Holt St to the north. The greenway has been in the planning for several years, but the actual path keeps running into problems. That includes getting rights of way from property owners and Duke Energy. Mebane officials though say they are not giving up.

Mebane City Council Considers Incentive Package for UPS

The Mebane City Council is expected to take a look at their incentives package for that UPS facility looking to move to Alamance County. In the latest development, the Alamance Chamber of Commerce is asking its members to express their support for the project. They sent out an email to members, asking them to show their support. Chamber spokesmen say so far, they have had 250 members express their support.


The cities of Graham and Mebane, and Alamance County, are all equal partners in the 12 hundred acre Commerce Park, just off the interstate near Trollingwood, mostly part of the old Scott family farm. The incentives package will probably be just over 4 million dollars. That includes about 6 acres of land. In return, UPS would be hiring more than 450 people full time, and between 700 and a thousand part time jobs. They would also be paying nearly a million dollars a year in property taxes. 

Burlington Fire Chief Retires

The city of Burlington is saying goodbye to their fire chief of 20 years. Jay Smith started as a volunteer back in the early 80’s, and eventually made it his profession a few years later. He worked up through the ranks and was named Burlington’s Fire Chief in 2000. Jay Smith will be replaced by Jay Mebane. Mebane started with the Burlington Fire Department in 2008.

Arrests Made in Green Level Shooting

The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office says they have arrested a couple of suspects in that driveby shooting in Green Level the other day. 21 year old Tamile Emeer Cohn of Graham is charged with 6 counts of assault with intent to kill. 21 year old Alexia Jasmin Matias, also from Graham, has been charged with felony obstruction of justice. No word on what caused the incident.

Alamance County Libraries Trying to Help Kids Get Online

Here in Alamance County, employees at some of our libraries say they have reached out to ask local businesses to let kids come in to use their free wifi. Several business owners however, say if they allow the kids to come do that, it means their customers cannot be seated. No customers, no business and no wifi for anyone. So that’s a sticking point. Alamance County librarians say they will keep trying to find a way.

Burlington Man Facing Charges After Chase Near Tennessee State Line

A Burlington man is looking at some serious charges, after the State Highway Patrol says they clocked him at 127 miles an hour up in the mountains this weekend. They say 37 year old Christopher Junior Roberts was pulled in Haywood County just before the Tennessee line. Troopers say he was in a 2011 Audi Q5 when he was stopped. They say he blew over the limit on the breathalyzer, and in addition they say, he had a child in the passenger seat, so he is also charged with child abuse. Troopers say he actually sped up when they turned on their lights and siren.

99 Covid 19 Cases Reported at the Alamance County Jail

The Alamance County Health Department putting in some work today at the Alamance County jail. 99 cases of Covid 19 have been confirmed there. It started when a couple of inmates were transferred from Alamance County to a facility in Salisbury, and were diagnosed with the virus on check in. That led to some additional testing here, and this is the result. Health officials say they are working with the Sheriff’s Office to get a handle on it here. 93 of the confirmed cases are among inmates, and 6 among the staff.

Local Business Spotlight