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Local News Archives for 2020-10

Alamance Health Care Covid Cases Said To Be The Worst In The State

The rehab center has been tagged by the state health department as the biggest outbreak of covid in the entire state. They say Alamance Health Care has seen 184 coronavirus cases. 117 of those among patients and 67 among the staff. 9 people have died from what the health department lists as covid related issues. Officials with Alamance Health Care say of those 184 cases the state health department is reporting, 120 have already recovered. They say they have 33 patients right now that have tested positive, even though they are not showing any symptoms. 

Gibsonville CBD Shop Break In

A breakin in Gibsonville last week. Gibsonville police responded to a call of a breakin at McHemp CBD and Hemp Dispensary on Cape Fear Drive in Whitsett last Sunday. They say someone had broken the front glass door, came in and took the cash register. The investigation led them to James Dennard Squire of Greensboro. If you know where he is, they’d like a call. 

Burlington PD A Positive Example For De-escalating Potential Problems

The Burlington Police Department is being used as an example of how to avoid violent police confrontations. One training course in how to de-escalate a potentially violent call uses a Burlington Police officer, and a call he went on. The video shows Burlington Officer Thaddeus Hines responding to a call of a woman having a mental health crisis. It shows how he calmed her down and got her to drop her weapon, all without even raising his voice. A story about that Officer Hines experience and how he handled it appears in the Washington Post this week. 


GTCC Students Reporting Accounts Hacked

Remember back last month, when classes were cancelled at GTCC, after a cyberattack? The hackers hit several schools across the country, and demanded a ransom, or else they would sell the information on the dark web. GTCC did eventually get everything back up, but now, some students are saying their personal information is being used to hack their bank accounts. GTCC says it will provide credit monitoring and credit restoration to anyone caught up in it. 

Gusty Winds And Rain For Alamance County Today

It is going to be a nasty day here in Alamance County. The remnants of our 28th named storm of 2020 will be moving through during the day. The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for Alamance County until 7 o’clock this evening, but nothing about any flood watches or warnings. If you are headed west or north, there is a Tropical Storm Warning for Guilford, Rockingham and Caswell counties, but again, only a wind advisory for us. The latest computer models put the worst of it between about 10 o'clock this morning and 2 o’clock this afternoon. That’s when we could see winds gusting to 45 mph. For the most part though, you can expect winds here between 20 and 35 mph. It should all be done by this evening, but you will notice a big difference by 3 o’clock this afternoon. The winds should start backing off by then. 

LabCorp Returns Government Relief Check

Burlington based LabCorp has given back 76 million dollars they got from the government earlier this year. The life science giant says it has made so much money during the pandemic that they do not need the relief check. LabCorp of course has been in the lead since the start, coming up with tests that diagnose the covid much better than what the CDC had been using. And they have continued to come up with better and faster tools than anyone else. 

Polling Place Etiquette Allows T-Shirts But Not Electioneering

Reports are coming in, that people are going door to door in Alamance County, claiming to be from Medicare, and offering vision and dental coverage. As you know if you have Medicare, the government insurance does not cover dental or vision care. These folks though, tell you they can provide it, but they need your social security number to get you enrolled. 

Elon Receives 3 Million Dollar Gift

Elon University just got a nice gift. Vicky Hunt and her husband Sam Hunt, both of Burlington, just gave the Alamance County school 3 million dollars for scholarships. Sam Hunt of course, is the retired chairman of Atlas Lighting Products and Hunt Electric Supply of Burlington. He served 4 terms in the General Assembly, and as Secretary of Transportation, before serving as President and Chairman of the North Carolina Railroad. Vicky Hunt has served on the North Carolina Film Commission, Alamance Community College, the American Red Cross, and the North Carolina Zoo. She is also on the Board of Trustees for Elon University. 

Suspect Arrested in Hit and Run Death in Burlington

Burlington police say they have arrested a suspect in that hit and run that happened Saturday night on Church St near Sellars Mill. 35 year old Shamon Reid of Burlington has been charged with killing Jose Antonio Gomez-Morales. You might remember yesterday, we told you all the witnesses could say was that it was a dark colored sedan. Police say someone called to let them know they saw such a vehicle with a lot of front end damage. Investigators followed it up, and ended up arresting Reid. Turns out, Reid is wanted on a drug warrant out of Virginia. He is in the Alamance County jail this morning.

LabCorp Stock Exceeds Expectations

LabCorp stock is paying off big time. Earlier this week, LabCorp reported a 3rd quarter net income of a little more than 703 million dollars. That means someone with one share of Labcorp stock saw a profit of $8.41. This was all well above what the analysts had projected. They had expected a profit of a little more than $5 per share. Burlington based LabCorp has of course, been at the front of testing for Covid 19. 

Burlington Starbucks Robbed At Gunpoint

An armed man robbed the Starbucks on University Drive in Burlington this morning. Burlington police say it happened about 5:30 this morning, as employees were opening the store there in the Target shopping center. They say the man had a ski mask on and pulled a gun. He got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and they say it looks like he got away in a white car. No employees or customers were hurt.

Sheriff's Office Makes Another Child Porn Arrest

Yet another arrest for child porn in Alamance County. This time, it’s a man from Graham, already on the sex offender registry for crimes back in 2016. 29 year old Evan Scott McCoy from Monroe Holt Rd in Graham has been picked up by the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, and charged with sending kiddie porn from his computer. You might have noticed there have been several similar arrests recently. The Sheriff’s Office recently got a grant to have people devoted solely to tracking down sex offenders and sex traffickers in Alamance County. Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson has been trying to alert everyone to the fact that North Carolina is one of the top 10 worst states for sex trafficking in the country. If my memory serves correctly, the Sheriff says we are the 8th worst state for sex trafficking.

Sports Marketing Class to Organize Golf Tournament

Now get a college degree in sports management and marketing. That teaches you how to do things like run a baseball team, organize activities and such. At Elon, one of the classes is going to learn how to organize and operate a golf tournament. If you have ever tried to do that, you can understand how tricky it can be. The Sports management class will learn how to do it all.  The tournament will be held in Liberty, to benefit Kopper Top Life Learning Center. That group uses horseback riding and other animal related activities to help people with or without disabilities.

Elon University Will Publish National Journal

Elon University has been chosen as the location for an undergraduate Journal, focused on politics and government. For the next 3 years, students and faculty at Elon’s Political Science Department will edit and publish the journal. They say they will set up a board of 20 Elon students to review all the submissions and publish the journal twice a year.

ARMC Becomes Cancer Center

Something new at Alamance Regional Medical Center. Cone Health, which now owns ARMC, has been making all of its various hospitals and clinics into specialized areas. ARMC for instance, is focusing on things like strokes, and now, breast cancer. Officials at ARMC say they started a high risk cancer clinic back in 2014, so it makes sense that Cone would designate them that way. You can expect to see the folks there sending out press releases and holding events in the future to publicise the move. 

Coronavirus Cases Increase In Alamance County

A recent surge in coronavirus cases here in Alamance County. Elon University has gone to level 3 because of their jump in confirmations. As of yesterday afternoon, Alamance County has 457 active cases, with 21 of those being treated in the hospital. The health department is listing 84 deaths they say were caused by the virus.

Elon University Raises Alert Level For Covid 19

Elon University has raised their alert to level 3. They say they had an additional 100 confirmed cases of the virus in just 2 days last week. They say that means 400 cases confirmed since March. While that might sound like a lot, it is still only a little more than 5% of the student population. Regardless, it is enough to get their attention. Elon officials say they are not going to cancel in-person classes, but they say they are asking the kids to limit their social interactions. Only 5 students together at any one time. 

Burlington Reaches Agreement With Haw River Assembly

Environmentalists are a bit happier this morning, after the city of Burlington and the Haw River Assembly reached an agreement. The Assembly says Burlington has been ignoring some dangerous chemicals being discharged into the Haw. The city says they are doing everything they are supposed to do to clean the water, but that as soon as the Haw River Assembly came to them with their concerns, they have been working to do even more. Now Burlington water officials say, they will publicize their water samples on the city’s website.

Gee Building Closed For Water Leak at ACC

By the way, a quick note: Gee building at Alamance Community College is closed today due to a water leak. Obviously, even when they stop the leak they will have to do some cleaning, so again, Gee Building at ACC is closed today. 


Sheriff Johnson Issues Suggestions For Halloween

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson says a little common sense will go a long way this Halloween. For instance, he says, you might want to limit that door to door trick or treating this go round. Take a pass on going to costume parties held inside, and avoid the haunted houses where lots of people are packed in and screaming. Something else to remember, those halloween costumes do not protect you or the kids from the virus. 

ACC Adapts To At Home Classes

Most people and businesses are adapting to life in the age of Covid. Now, students at Alamance Community College can officially stay at home and take their courses online in real time. Those students choosing to do so, or maybe having to do so, can take an active part in the classroom, with classmates who are actually there in the classroom. Officials at Alamance Community College say they plan to start with about 30 class sections, which means about 600 seats.


Alamance Burlington School Board Delays Back To School Dates

A special meeting was held today, for the Alamance Burlington School Board. Dr Bruce Benson called for a delay in implementing plans to bring the kids back to in-person schooling. A recent increase in confirmed covid cases state-wide has led several school systems to delay their plans. The delay approved by the School Board will be until November 18th for kindergarten through 2nd grades. A delay until December 2nd for 3rd through 5th graders, and a delay until January for middle through high schoolers. Dr Benson has suggested the School Board revisit the plans at their regular meeting scheduled for November 10.

Furniture Market Income Down for Alamance County

The 2020 Fall Furniture Market is in the history books. Officials there say everyone adapted well to the changes they implemented this go round. For instance, attendance was divided into 3 day blocks and attendance was restricted to buyers from the United States only. There were also no concerts or live seminars. There were also daily health checks for those attending and working the market. Fewer buyers of course meant fewer sales. The High Point Furniture Market brings thousands of dollars to Alamance County as part of the overflow. A recent study out of Duke University shows the Market brings nearly 7 billion dollars to North Carolina’s economy. It is the largest economic event in the state and it is also the largest home furnishings trade show in the world.

Elon University Changes Schedule To Keep Students From Traveling for Spring Break

Officials at Elon University say they have changed their calendar. This year, Elon has shortened the break between when Winter term ends and Spring term begins. They say they hope that will discourage students from taking a Spring Break trip, where they might pick up the coronavirus and bring it back to campus. Winter Term is a one month segment, where a student can take one course 5 days a week. It lasts the month of January. This year, it will end on January 27th and the Spring term will start February 1st. That’s about a week shorter.

Elon University Raises Alert Level For Covid 19

Another spike in coronavirus cases at Elon University this week. 12 new confirmed cases and 3 clusters have been reported. University officials have since upped their response to what they call a Level 2 Alert. Now obviously everyone expected an increase when the students came back, and no one is panicking, but officials are asking students to stick to the rules they were given back in August. Level 2 means there is a moderate number of cases and officials know where they came from. In this instance, they say they know where the new cases came from: a couple of college parties. 16 students have been suspended so far. Since May, the Town of Elon Police Department says it has issued 7 citations for large gatherings or mask violations. 


LabCorp Makes Another Testing Breakthrough

The hits keep coming for Burlington based LabCorp these days. The latest in their string of contributions to the coronavirus fight is a new antibody test made for research labs. Scientists say this is a really important addition. They will be using the LabCorp test to evaluate the performance of all the vaccines that are being developed. While there are other antibody tests out there already, the one developed by LabCorp goes further. It can gauge the strength of the person’s immune response, not just whether or not there was a response. 





Alamance 411 has looked in to the backgrounds of local political candidates with interesting results. Here's what we found (please do your own research to confirm): A Drug User, reckless driver, fraud, and alleged female abuser. A Drunk Driver. A convicted child abuser and larcenist. A vandal and rioter.


David Spruill, Soil And Water Conservation District Supervisor candidate, was convicted of Hit And Run With Property Damage in 2002, convicted of felony obtaining property with a worthless check in 1998, convicted of a misdemeanor worthless check charge in 1997, and convicted of felony possession of a schedule II drug (cocaine) in 1995. As convicted felon he actually won't even be able to vote for himself in this election. In 2015 Spruill was charged with assault on a female in Alamance County. Our initial research did not indicate whether he was convicted.


Barrett Brown, Soil And Water Conservation District Supervisor candidate, was convicted in 2009 of misdemeanor DWI. He was also arrested for DWI in 2003 and 2017. Our initial research did not indicate whether he was convicted of of these latter charges. In July of this year, 2020, Brown was arrested for resisting a public officer and impeding traffic during protests at the historic Graham Courthouse.


Dreama Caldwell, Alamance County Commissioner candidate, was arrested in July, 2015 for felony child abuse after leaving a two year old girl on a hot bus for six and a half hours while working at a daycare center in Chapel Hill. She was later convicted of misdemeanor child abuse. Caldwell was also convicted of misdemeanor larceny in 1997. our research show that she passed a bad check at a nail salon and did not pay restitution.


Kristen Powers, Alamance County Commissioner candidate, has never been arrested but photographic evidence shows her smiling for the camera along with four others in Chapel Hill when the Silent Sam Confederate Memorial was forcibly and illegally destroyed.



Who is funding these criminals you ask? Not Alamance County residents. Dreama Caldwell's second quarter campaign finance reports show 24 out of county donations, largely from California, totaling $5,937. Kristen Powers's donations are similar with her second quarter report showing 13 out of county donations totaling $2,540.


Below are the background checks and information of public record.




Voting Deadline October 31st

Early voting continues here in Alamance County this week. A reminder of the locations: Holly Hill Mall, Elmira Community Center, the County Annex in Graham, Mebane Arts Center and the Kernodle Senior Center. Voting hours during the week are 8am to 7:30pm. On Saturday, the hours are 9am to 4pm. You have until October 31st to cast your early ballot.


As of this week, more than 1 million North Carolinians have voted early this year. Here in Alamance County, officials say they have received more than 28,000 mail-in ballots. Back in 2016, they say they only had a grand total of 3,000 mail-in ballots.

Tiny House Neighborhood Coming to Alamance County

It looks like Alamance County is getting a new neighborhood that will be a bit different. The County Commissioners have approved a new tiny house community for eastern Alamance County. You might have read or seen stories about these tiny houses. People giving up their larger houses for something no bigger than a camper. This week, the Alamance County Commissioners approved a proposal to allow an entire neighborhood of these small houses along Highway 54 on a 30 acre plot of land. The Alamance County Planning Board approved the idea, and now it has the blessing of the Commissioners. None of the houses will be available for individual sale and the lots cannot be sold separately, so that is a bit different. Again, this would be along Highway 54 in Swepsonville, near the Honda Plant. Any kids there would go to Alexander Wilson, Hawfields Middle and Southern High.


Gibsonville’s Aldermen have approved another housing project near the intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 70. It’s a little more than 14 acres, and the developer wants to put nearly 80 townhouses there. This would be on Dew Sharpe Rd near Walnut Crossing. The developer says these townhomes will be targeted at folks who are downsizing. They will average 1500 square feet and sell for around $200,000.


Job Losses In Alamance County Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

We told you this week that more than 60,000 jobs have been lost in Alamance County since the governor’s lockdown started earlier this year. A new report now Governor Cooper’s reaction to the coronavirus has cost 300,000 jobs for North Carolina as a whole. That is the worst job loss in the entire country. Cooper’s restrictions have been more severe than any other state, and some economists are now saying the benefits of those restrictions do not outweigh the costs, in jobs, incomes, businesses and in the negative results for educational, social and even medical consequences. 

Graham Man Charged With Murder Under New State Drug Law

A Graham man has been charged with murder, under a new bill passed by the General Assembly just last year. The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office says Sean Johnson of Wake County died of a drug overdose a couple of months ago. Now, 36 year old Michael Clyde Walters of Graham has been charged with selling him the fentynal that killed him.

Voting Brings New Scams

Early voting of course is underway now in Alamance County. A couple of
items to go along with that. For instance, there appears to be a new scam
associated with mail-in voting. Someone calls to say your ballot was
rejected, and they need your social security number to make sure it’s
really you.

Second, there is a facebook post that says if a poll worker marks your
ballot, throw it away, because it will be rejected. That is not true.
According to the state board of elections, a poll worker HAS to mark your
early ballot with a number, so if there is any lawsuit or recount, they can
pull it out to verify. So don’t believe that claim.

Alamance Planning Board Looking For New Members

The Alamance County Planning Board could use your input. They say they need
new members. They say they need someone to represent the Burlington
Township, Faucette Township, Newlin Township, Morton Township and Melville
Township. If you’re not sure if you live in one of those, call the Alamance
County Planning Department.

Federal Program Focuses On Gun Crime in Alamance County

Researchers from UNC Greensboro say they did a study, and have found most
violent crime in Alamance County is caused by the growing number of
hispanic gangs we are seeing here. They say the war on drugs is also
responsible, and that people with a history of drug offenses are more
likely to be involved in violence, either as the suspect or the victim.
Another interesting finding from that study: More than 25% of
violent crimes in Alamance County involve people who are not from Alamance

With all that in mind, a new federal program is being offered here. It is
called Project Safe Neighborhood. They say it will impose harsh punishment
on anyone who uses a gun to commit a crime, and will focus on working with
criminals to try and help them turn things around. Alamance County Sheriff
Terry Johnson was at the press conference announcing the program this week.
He says criminals had better take advantage of any help the program has to
offer, because otherwise they will be facing the consequences. Police
Chiefs from Burlington and Mebane were also at the press conference.

Alamance County Job Losses From Governor's Lockdown

A new report is out, detailing how many jobs Alamance County has lost,
because of the Governor’s lockdown of the economy and his decisions for
what is and is not essential. Burlington’s Economic Development Director
says at the start of 2020, Alamance County had historically record low
unemployment, but as of the end of August, Alamance County has seen more
than 6,400 people furloughed or cut. Peter Bishop says the worst
affected were low income workers and small business owners in Alamance
County. Previous studies have shown that at one point, Alamance County had
a 14% unemployment rate.

Mebane Area Continues to Grow

The project to widen Mebane Oaks Road has started in eastern Alamance
County. The Mebane Enterprise says crews are clearing the land on either
side, and getting ready to put in the underground pipes and other
infrastructure for the widening project. This is south of the shopping
center that has the WalMart there on Mebane Oaks Rd south of the
interstate. It’s called the Garrett Crossing Shopping Center. That area has
been growing fast recently. Mebane of course is the fastest growing city in
Alamance County.

Library Book Sale Continues This Week

The annual Alamance County Public Libraries Book sale is underway this
week. The remaining dates are today, then this Saturday, then next Tuesday.
The hours for the book sale are 10 am to 5:30pm. Only 15 people will be
allowed in the library at a time. Shoppers are required to wear masks and
maintain physical distancing. They are also encouraging you to call and
make an appointment, although you can just stop by. They say they’ll let
you in if they have space.

Arts Council Offering Grants

Another way the CARES Act money is being spent in Alamance County. The
General Assembly designated almost 10 million dollars of what we got for
emergency relief money from Congress to go to arts councils and
organizations. It is supposed to make up for all the money they have lost
because of the government imposed lockdowns. Now, Alamance Arts is
accepting applications for grants. The money is supposed to go toward
salaries and benefits and on-going operating expenses, costs associated
with having to cancel in-person programs and shift to virtual programs, and
coronavirus related expenses related to restrictions and cleaning. You can
get an application at the Alamance Arts website, but they have to be in
before November 9th.

Mebane Recognized for Financial Responsibility

Another feather in the cap for Mebane. The Government Finance Officers
Association of the United States and Canada has recognized just how well
Mebane answers to its taxpayers. They have awarded them what is called the
Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. According
to a story in the Mebane Enterprise, the Association says the city of
Mebane has demonstrated the spirit of full disclosure in reporting to
taxpayers how their money is being spent.

Burlington Revival Gets Underway

The tent is up and the revival is ready to get started. That tent revival
we had here a few years ago is looking for a repeat. It is the same place
it was back in 2016, just off the interstate near Cox Toyota. Organizers
say they expect about a thousand people each night. This year will be
different of course, with coronavirus restrictions. The revival starts

Early Voting Begins Today

It’s here. The 2020 election has begun. Mail-in ballots went out last
month, and today starts in-person early voting across the state. Here in
Alamance County, the locations include the Elmira Community Center, the
Kernodle Senior Center, Holly Hill Mall, the Mebane Arts Center and the
county annex in downtown Graham. Hours will typically be 8 am to 7:30 pm each
day. Saturday hours will be 9 am to 4 pm and this Sunday the voting hours
will be 1 pm to 4pm.

Another Coronavirus "Outbreak" Reported at Two Senior Facilities in Alamance County

A Covid 19 outbreak being reported at two more Alamance County senior
facilities. A reminder that the Health Department defines an outbreak as
two or more cases. These latest reported outbreaks are at Peak Resources in
Graham and Twin Lakes in Burlington and Elon. They say Peak Resources has 3
confirmed cases. Two staff members and one patient. Twin Lakes says they
have 4 cases. Two staff members and two residents. Alamance County had its
first confirmed case back on March 20th. Right now, they say they have 344
active cases here in Alamance County. There are 22 people being treated at
the hospital.

Tent Revival Starts in Burlington

Organizers are preparing for the return of the popular tent revival in
Burlington. Crews are setting up the football field size tent today. It
starts this Thursday and runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the
next 12 weeks. People are coming from around our area and even out of
state. It will be different from years past with COVID-19 restrictions that
will be in place.

UPS Makes It Official

It’s official. UPS says it is coming to Alamance County, bringing more than
450 full time and 1,500 part time jobs. The official announcement came
yesterday. UPS says the full time jobs will have an average salary of
around 65 thousand dollars. That is about $20,000 more than the
average yearly pay for Alamance County. Reports are that the UPS facility
will start at about half a million square feet, and expand to more than a
million square feet.

The UPS announcement comes only a day or so following the Amazon official
announcement confirming that they are putting their 65,000 square foot
facility in Whitsett.

Another Donation to the Animal Shelter Will Held Mighty Mouser Program

Another donation to Burlington Animal Services. This time, it’s a little
more than $12,000, to help pay for spaying and neutering pets
that come in. They say they will use the money for the Mighty Mouser
Program. That’s where they catch and neuter stray cats that are then
available for farmers to use to keep the mice and rats under control.

Alamance County Libraries Reopen

Alamance County libraries have reopened to the public. It happened
yesterday, as the libraries around the county greeted folks wearing masks
from behind plexiglass screens. Library officials are calling it “grab and
go,” since they are being encouraged to limit the amount of time they are
in contact with any particular person. You are allowed 30 minutes to
browse, and one hour of computer time. There are very few seats available,
as a way to encourage folks to get the work done and leave. May Memorial,
Graham and Mebane branches will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
10 am to 2pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays they will be open from 2 pm to 6pm.

Lots of Folks Casting Mail-in Ballots in North Carolina

A reminder that early voting starts Thursday in Alamance County. All the
experts say they expect one of the largest turnouts in history for this
election. Reports are out saying some folks who have requested a mail-in
ballot are having to wait 3 weeks to get those ballots here in North
Carolina. The biggest delays appear to be in Wake County, Buncombe County
and Forsyth County. Elections officials say they are simply overwhelmed.
While some have been warning we could see this very confusion and delay,
others have been saying such fears are baseless and unsubstantiated.

Here in Alamance County, elections officials say they have had more than 8
thousand mail-in ballots so far, with only 185 of those being rejected.

Burlington Police Department Adds Positions For Youth Focus

The Burlington Police Department says it has created two new positions, so
they can put more focus on mental health, and on diverting kids away from
the system. The new positions include a Juvenile Crisis Counselor and a
Juvenile Diversion Coordinator. The money for the new positions will come
from a grant from the Governor’s Crime Commission. The Burlington PD
actually applied for the money back in January of 2019, well before all the
calls for shifting police focus across the country. The Burlington PD had
also had a crisis counselor on board since well back in 2016.

Deadline to Register to Vote is Friday October 9

A reminder this morning, tomorrow is the deadline for you to register to vote in the November election. You can do so by going down to the Alamance County Board of Elections on Maple St in Graham. You can also go online to get more information. If you have a North Carolina license, you are considered a customer of the DMV and you can go to their website to register. And a reminder from the Board of Elections. You are not supposed to take a picture of your completed ballot. That is against the law. They made that law to make sure people did not take a picture to prove to someone they had voted a certain way, and then get paid for their vote. 

Impact Alamance Helps Local Folks Struggling from the Coronavirus Shutdown

Impact Alamance has once again stepped up. This time, they have donated more than $300,000 to 6 Alamance County organizations helping local folks during the government imposed lockdown of the economy. Some of that $300,000 is going to buy more chromebooks for students. They also gave some to the YMCA for technical upgrades for their school program.

Another Notable to Visit Alamance County for the Presidential Race

Eric Trump is scheduled to be in Whitsett. Eric Trump will appear at Machine Specialties Inc. on Franz Warner Parkway in Whitsett. That is south of the interstate there at the Rock Creek Dairy Rd exit. That’s the same area where FedEx and a couple of other new facilities say they are going to be building. Tickets for the 6:30 p.m. event are available at the Trump for President website and are limited to two per mobile phone number. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for the event.


Photo Credit FOX 9 

Felony Cruelty Charges Against an Elon Man

An Elon man is being charged with starting a fire a few weeks ago that ended up killing two dogs and a cat. The house was on Maple Ave in Burlington, south of the interstate and just north of Whites Kennel Rd. Investigators say 25 year old Brandon Cagle was their prime suspect after talking to the homeowner. Cagle is charged with arson, as well as 3 counts of felony cruelty to animals. 

Animal Shelter Offering October Adoption Deal

October might be a good time to adopt a pet. The Burlington Animal Shelter says it is offering a big discount to the usual charges.  The deal is, you can dopt and dog or cat for only 20 dollars this month. That includes spay/neuter and basic shots. Regular adoption fees are 90 dollars for dogs and 50 dollars for cats.

Elon University Asks the Town to Close Haggard Ave

The Elon Aldermen are being asked to close down East Haggard Ave through the campus, just every once in a while. Elon University President Connie Book made the request this week. Book says they need that for several reasons. She says they can use the extra space for educational and recreational events at Elon. She says they also need it because some students are upset that other people can drive through. Like the recent Trump rally. You might recall that a computer professor took a Black Lives Matter poster and a camera to that rally, and videoed people driving by reacting.

Alamance County Ranks High In Housing Value

Alamance County is in the national news again. The town of Mebane has been ranked as one of the top five housing markets in the country. State wide, Mebane ranked as the second best housing Market, and Graham ranked 9th. Elon also made it into the rankings. Second in the state for affordability. Gibsonville also made the rankings. Alamance County of course is growing incredibly fast these days, with Mebane the fastest growing city, followed by Elon.

Burlington Man Arrested for Violent Break-In Outside Asheville

A Burlington man has been arrested, and charged with several crimes committed just outside Asheville over the weekend. Investigators say Brandon Lee Hunt of Burlington is accused of breaking into a house in Candler and attacking the resident. The charges include breaking and entering, assault and battery, 1st degree attempted murder. Alamance County Sheriff Deputies picked Hunt up last night.

Covid 19 Testing Available at EM Holt

Free testing for the coronavirus today in the Village of Alamance. The Alamance County Health Department will be at EM Holt Elementary from 4pm to 6pm. This is first come first served, and there are only a limited number of test kits available, so you might want to get there early. It does not matter whether or not you have insurance, the test is free. Just bring a photo ID, and if you do have insurance, bring along your card.

Animal Shelter Offering Adoption Deal for October

October might be a good time to adopt a pet. The Burlington Animal Shelter says it is offering a big discount to the usual charges.  The deal is, you can dopt and dog or cat for only 20 dollars this month. That includes spay/neuter and basic shots. Regular adoption fees are 90 dollars for dogs and 50 dollars for cats. The adoption price will go back to normal November 1st. You can check it out on the city website:

Racing At Ace This Weekend

It looks like racing is back at Ace Speedway. They made the announcement last weekend, and today they say tickets will go on sale. They say the gates will open at 6pm and there will not be any early seating. That’s because they are still working out the details. But once the gates open, you will be seated according to the rules of physical distancing. You can get tickets by going to

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